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Best Eye Surgeon in New Delhi

We all are care about our eyes. Eyes are the most important part of our health. You think that is your vision is good and your eyes are healthy. With age, our eyes may become little weak and causes to several diseases such as low vision, dry eyes ,inflammation of the eye, metabolic diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism etc.

If you undergo comprehensive eye exam with the assistance of eye specialist is the only way to cure from the eye diseases. Aging is the most common causes of eye problems. Most of the eye specialist requires their patients to be over eighteen.

Common symptoms :

. Blurred Vision
. Poor night vision
. Frequent changes in eye glass prescription

Treatments Provided :

. Cataract Surgery
. Lasik surgery
. Refractive and Corneal surgery

Dr. Neera Agrawal one of the best eye surgeon at Neera Eye Care Center provides better technologies for getting complete solution for eye problems. She is Senior and a pioneer in the field of Refractive Surgery in Delhi and provides high quality comprehensive eye care for both Indian and International patients.